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Warm-up Winter Workout

Julie New

Posted on June 08 2016

Warm-up Winter Workout

By Personal Trainer, Megan Hinchley from ThrivePT

Winter has definitely hit Canberra this last week and so I thought I would put together a workout to get you warm! A full body work-out you can do at the gym or inside the comfort of your own home (with minimal equipment – a kettlebell and a medicine ball).

For those of you in warmer climates (which I am currently jealous of!), this one is also for you. Get outside and give it a go!

Set a stop watch and perform the following pairs of exercise for 30 seconds each, doing as many repetitions as you can within that time. Alternatw between each exercise for a total of 4 minutes (so that is 4 times per exercise). Have a 1 minute rest before moving on to the next pair of exercises. One round through this workout will take 20 minutes and two round through will take you 40 minutes.

Get to it!


Medicine ball slams/ Medicine ball russian twist


Kettlebell swings / Kettlebell goblet squats



Lunges / push-ups


Squat jumps / tricep dips


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