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Free Shipping: Domestic Orders $99+, International $249+
Free Shipping: Domestic Orders $99+, International $249+

About Us

Women are hard to understand. We are complicated and sometimes we can be misunderstood... by our partners that is. Be Activewear is a brand that aims to answer all women's underlying issues. We want women to be empowered and inspired to work out in active wear ranging from basic attire to unique prints and patterns.

Why choose us?
What better way to shop all your favourite gym wear brands in one place. The benefit? Well the one shipping fee of course. With over 60+ brands to choose from including Ryderwear, Muscle Nation, Baller Babe, Evolve Apparel etc. we are here for your one-stop-shop for everything gym wear related.

We want to make this an easy, convenient and comfortable shopping trip for you. We live for women to feel confident in their own skins through quality activewear that can be versatilely worn as lifestyle attire. #wearitlikeyoumeanit

You don't see one of your brand favourites? You can contact us through and we can help assist you with getting that hot item in. We promise we are a friendly team of women who don't bite. Let us help you create a memorable experience with Be Activewear.


Be Activewear is inspired by fearless women who wear it like they mean it.

“Be Activewear is all about helping women of all shapes and sizes to feel confident and look great in their active, busy lives. We are also proud to support amazing Australian activewear brands and bring them to a global audience."

Be Activewear is 100% Australian owned and also want to support other home-grown heroes. We now stock over 60 leading brands and sell to over 50 countries worldwide. Making it one of the leading online Australian Activewear & Swimwear Shopping destinations.

Our aim is to make your decision easy and the experience more convenient, with the best Australian labels in one store with designs for your activity level, style and most of all affordability.

As you gain your confidence in the gym, outdoors, at home and even walking down the street, Be Activewear will be right there with you.

Be Activewear

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