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Core Trainer

Core Trainer Waist & Thigh Sweat Band Black


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Shop The Core Trainer Waist & Thigh Sweat Band in Black to help reduce the size and appearance of your waist and thighs. This waist and thigh sweat band has been created for optimum support that wraps around the waist and thigh for when you go for a jog, run or workout. Best to be worn whilst doing any activity whether that it is daily errands, around the house or at the gym. The Core Trainer Waist & Thigh Sweat Band is lightweight, comfortable and stretchy. 

- Measurements:

- Black with pink trimming

- Non latex

- Three fasten velcro straps and waist band

- Adjustable straps for personal lose or tighter fit

- Strong velcro straps 

- Supports the waist and thighs 

- Made to sweat toxins 

- Tones thighs

- Lifts butt

How to clean: Cold wash and air dry only