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Core Trainer Post Pregnancy 2 Pack

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For women who are looking to recover after pregnancy postpartum, our Post Pregnancy 2 Pack has everything new mums need to get their pre baby body back. This pack includes a range of our waist trainers so you can start out gently and slowly with our post pregnancy range and then gradually build up to our latex waist trainers. 

This pack includes 1x Core Trainer Post Pregnancy Belly Wrap Black and 1x Core Trainer Black

Post Pregnancy Belly Wrap Black

The Post Pregnancy Belly Wrap in Black is designed specifically for women to use in after birth recovery. Providing support and correcting the posture, the band supports the uterus, abdomen, pelvis, back and spine by providing compression on the core that holds the muscles and skin back in place after pregnancy. The style of light compression covers the lower abdomen and is great for targeting ab separation as it sits gently on the lower half of the stomach. This compression is also ideal for c section births.

 This is an ideal option for those looking for a core trainer that is gentle on the body after pregnancy yet provides support and strength to assist in post natal recovery.


  • Measurements: Length: 23cm; Width: 91cm (measured from a size small)
  • Black colour
  • Latex free
  • Ideal for use straight after birth post pregnancy
  • Velcro closure for optimum comfortable and fit
  • Size and fit is different to other trainers
  • Helps reduces swelling and discomfort
  • Assists in recovery from abdominal muscle separation
  • Soft and comfortable yet strong enough to provide support
  • Reduces recovery time
  • Wrap covers lower abdomen great for targeting c section and ab separation.

How to wear:
Using the double velcro closure, wrap over lower abdomen and tighten as desired. This should feel comfortable and supportive and gentle enough to wear daily. Ease into wearing this as after giving birth you will feel swollen and sore. Start with 2 hours a day to a maximum 8 hours per day. Please check  with your health professional as each individual’s recovery may vary. It should be worn lower on the hips than a traditional waist trainer, sitting above the hips area on your lower belly.

We recommend a total of 8-12 weeks of use to then ease into our basic core trainers.

Core Trainer Black

A firm compression corset, our Core Trainer in Black is part of our base range of waist trainers. This trainer is design to ease your way into waist training, comfortable yet strong, this latex cotton waist trainer will cinch in your waist providing structure and strength to your torso, instantly improving posture and help with slimming down your mid section. 

  • Measurements: Length: 31cm; Width: 63cm (measured from a size small)
  • Black colour
  • Small make
  • Design to feel firm and tight
  • Size and fit is same as basic zipper and breathable latex but different to other trainers
  • Triple hook and eye front closure 
  • High-tech cotton lining provides comfort and breathability
  • 4 rows flexible steel boning

* Please check  with your health professional as each individual’s recovery may vary. At Core trainer we recommend waiting at least one (1) week after giving birth before using the waist trainer. If you gave birth via a C -section, we suggest waiting approximately two (2) weeks before you start waist training. 

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