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Summer 2022 - Women's Activewear Trends

Summer 2022 - Women's Activewear Trends

Does the return to normalcy imply that people will push casual wear and athletic attire aside in favour of fashion? According to most fashion experts, this is quite unlikely. 

Fashionistas worldwide are still interested in keeping up with the latest trends, whether practising Tai Chi or playing tennis.

“As long as people are working out, athletic clothing will continue to evolve and grow to suit the needs of consumers. By 2022, the sportswear sector will skyrocket in sales due to the pandemic's impact on demand for daily activewear. Workouts aren't complete without the right sportswear, and there will always be plenty of options.” shared fitness enthusiast and marketing strategist Mary Samson of Write Fuel.

Interestingly, a 2022 market forecast on the sportswear industry is estimated to reach US$715m. Given these numbers, we've rounded together some of the most anticipated sportswear trends this 2022.

1. Sweat Shorts 

Sweat-shorts, typically worn by guys, are becoming increasingly popular among women as activewear and sportswear. They're just as cozy as sweatpants, but they dry much faster, making them an excellent choice for the warmer months.

Compared to mesh and nylon shorts, sweat shorts are a terrific option for athletes looking to gain an advantage on the field. It ensures the highest comfort level in the fitness centre and field.

2. Sports Bra

There is no other kind of sportswear as crucial to women's fitness as these undergarments. Choose sports bras made of the type of fabric that wicks moisture rather than ones that are composed of 100% cotton.

Sports bras provide outstanding comfort and support for ladies, whether doing a jog at the park or getting fit in the gym. Although manufacturers designed sports bras to be more than your average bra, they still enable you to move around freely and comfortably.

3. Leggings

Tights and leggings may not be as famous as sweat shorts or Capri pants as sports apparel, but they're an excellent alternative for ladies who are often on the hunt for new styles of yoga pants that are both comfortable and stylish.

4. Compression Socks

The athleisure trend has significantly impacted the adoption of compression gear, mainly due to its numerous benefits to sports lovers and professional athletes. Compression socks, similar to that of a sports bra, offer various medical advantages. Moreover, they help in sprinting and other athletic activities, but they also have a positive impact on one's overall physical well-being.

Workout With Style

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Thank you Michael Beahan for writing this topic on behalf of Be Activewear.

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