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4 Ways To Still Have Amazing Gymwear Without Spending Much

4 Ways To Still Have Amazing Gymwear Without Spending Much

We all know gym wear can be expensive majority of the time and especially with rising Gym wear brands in the market and the overwhelming variety to choose from.

Here are a list of obvious (but forgotten sometimes) TIPS on how you can still save on your favourite gym wear and still snatch the cute set.

1. Sign Up For Newsletters

Expensive brands that you absolutely love and cannot give up, subscribe to their newsletters for occasional popular features and discounts.

Often there is special deals on and around Black Friday and the festive holiday periods.

With Be Activewear, we offer a range of gym wear brands (including Ryderwear, Muscle Nation, Squat Wolf) with a discount of 10% when you sign up to our newsletter. That is pretty much a Shipping cost saved on a pair of Bra and Leggings set.

You can sign up to our newsletter and VIP newsletter at the bottom on this page.

2. Stock Up On Seasonal Sales

Most stores have seasonal sales and many products will be discounted. This is your chance to grab your favourite top you've been waiting for. With busy holiday periods coming around, there is bound to be sales everywhere. Occasionally at the end of each season, there is a sale to get rid of stock so it is your chance to steal the deal.

Be Activewear has a range of sales offer catered to you. See more if you want to grab some cute sets.

3. Shop Last Seasons Collection

Often last seasons favourites look very similar to the current and new collection. Styles and cuts don't change drastically from season to season and you may be able to find a cute gym top similar to the trendy new top you are eyeing.

Shop previous collections from Be Activewear where you will still find trending Browns and Pastel colours.

Staples Collection from Muscle Nation, NKD from Ryderwear and Signature collections are also timeless pieces that will never fade. 

4. Buy With A Mate To Save More

Everyone loves Free Shipping right? Lets be honest, we get devastated when we reach to the end of cart and are short $1 from Free Shipping/Free Express Shipping. Shopping with a mate online can make it 10 times more easier to reach Free Shipping easily.

With Be Activewear, reaching Free Shipping only requires over $99. That is essentially 1 legging each or a cute set each for you and your bestie!

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