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4 Activewear Brands That Adopt Plus-size Trends

4 Activewear Brands That Adopt Plus-size Trends


In society today, it is extremely difficult to depict what is real and what is not. Let's be real, it is hard to tell what is photoshopped - are there any photos not photoshopped at all? Skinny models and small sizes have portrayed a deceiving image for women today. There is always a pressure mentally and physically to “look” a certain way and due to that, we tend to speak negatively to ourselves as we lose confidence. With that being said, there is also a light at the end of the tunnel as there has been increasing trends of plus-size models and up and coming brands especially in the gym wear industry.

As a brand that supports women’s goals and wellbeing, we are all for accepting ourselves as individuals no matter what shape or size. In modern day today, there has been many brands that have started adopting this trend of accepting oneself. 

Plus size models are becoming more prominent and are erupting the gymwear industry. We have seen models like Ashley Graham and Robyn Lawley who are changing society’s perspective on models and advocating as Plus-size models. 

We have highlighted 4 brands that support plus sizing:

1. Carra Lee Collective (CLC)

Carra Lee Collective

The Carra Lee Collective mission is to spread conscious living worldwide and instil confidence in ALL women. Carra Bollard had a vision to create quality gymwear that features distinct colours and prints. She wants every woman to feel empowered in every piece they wear and steer away from the basic black attire. 

The collection appeals to all women and has sizes ranging from XS-4XL. Did we also mention CLC creates Eco-sustainable activewear? Made from 100% biodegradable polyamide fibre, this delicate is set to last you a while & feeling soft and smothered. How amazing!

Shop the Carra Lee Collective range now.

2. LeSculpte 

LaSculpte is an Australian retailer who supports women’s lifestyle attire ranging from swimwear to activewear. With the busy lifestyle of women, LaSculpte has designed shapewear that supports and shapes the sacred body. LaSculpte has a Plus size collection ranging from size 8 to 20.

 Shop the LaSculpte range now.

3. Curvy Chic 

Curvy Chic is an Australian retailer that supports plus sizes ranging specifically from size 14-26. Many women find it difficult to find fashionable bigger sizes and Curvy Chic has answered the public. Curvy Chic activewear are designed and manufactured in Australia ranging from basics to seasonal fabrics that keep up with the latest market trends. 

Curvy Chic - Brand that adopt Plus-size trend 

Shop Curvy Chic now with Be Activewear.


4. Muscle Nation

Muscle Nation is one of Australia's leading and fastest-growing Activewear and Supplement Brands. Its main focus is on fitness clothing and sports supplements. You can find most items up to size XXL. 

Shop Muscle Nation now

No matter what shape or size we are, we are all capable of doing what we want to achieve. Our bodies are sacred and we should learn to be kind to ourselves. Remember at the end of the day, you are enough. Start accepting yourself and loving your body more - every inch of it! 

Whether it is through gym wear or even having a chat, we are here for you. We are here to support you at every step of your journey. 

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