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Model: 178 cm / 82 kg wearing size MEDIUM

Fit: True To Size

Knee length, relaxed and very comfortable! Versatile material blend for a soft and comfortable feel (cotton) with added flexibility (spandex).

- Zip up pockets (deep)
- Drawstrings w/ heat wrap finishing
- Available in 5 colours

  • Hand with care when washing and drying, due to the contrasting colours.
  • Wash Inside-out in a cold wash cycle
  • Be sure to dry immediately after wash with the print side open flat in shade
  • No Fabric Softeners or bleach products are to be used on this item.
  • Please wash separately this product separately, and reframe from putting to much washing powder or washing liquid.
  • If steps are not followed, this item may lose it's original colour.

NOTE: In the SCRUNCH BUM, SEAMLESS & MENS LINES, there might be a slight fit and feel difference in the same size across different colours. The scrunch bum collection is all made from the same custom fabric blend and colours are custom picked by us. When it comes to colouring, some colours require more colouring, dye, settling time, than others. This is where the fabric feel 'might' feel a little different across some colours. This is where the fit 'might' feel a little different in the same size in different colours. We ALWAYS suggest to size up if you are in-between sizes to ensure the items are a comfortable and flexible fit.