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Booty Bands | Be Activewear

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INCLUDES - BOOTY BANDS, Core Sliding Discs & Ultra-Speed Jump Rope



Gym or home – workout anywhere anytime
Add three levels of resistance to your favourite booty workouts.
Help tone, lift and shape with a range of workouts using different levels of resistance.



Product Details: 
Light Band: 0.5mm / 50mm / 250mm 
Medium Band: 0.7mm / 50mm / 250mm 
Heavy Band: 1.0mm / 50mm / 250mm 
Material: 100% Natural Latex
Carry Bag: Nylon Fabric - 170mm x 110mm

Care Instructions:

*Please do not leave you Booty Bands in sun or hot places such as your vehicle*



Super light and convenient double-sided core sliding disks – use the shiny pink side on the carpet and soft surfaces and the softer black side on hard surfaces.

Spice up your ab/core workouts with these sliding disks and target your abs, arms, legs and booty all at the same time.

Our core sliding disks come with a carry bag for your convenience - perfect for when travelling - workout anywhere, anytime, no excuses!


Product Details
Disks Diameter: 17.5cm
Carry Bag: Nylon Fabric – 200mmx200mm



Cuts through air, lightweight speed jump rope. Ideal for high intensity cardio sessions. The thin handles offer a comfortable grip. A durable thin rope delivers long lasting use.

Product Details:
Rope Length: 3m
Rope Diameter: 2.5mm
Handle Length: 15.8cm
Handle Mechanism: Bearing 
Material: PP Handle and PVC Coated Wire 
Carry Bag: Nylon Bag – 185mmx170mm