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Mesh Back Training Cap | Black


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"The black on black is back!" - Jonny London

Training in a cap helps you focus on lifting, not everything else.

Custom snap-back with signature FKN designs featuring high quality embroideries.

✔ Cool mesh construction

✔ 3D Embroidered panel

✔ One size fits all snap-back


For care instructions & FKN secret activewear cleaning hacks, click Pro Tips below!


- For best results, spot clean your cap with baby wipes or Windex and a damp cloth.
- If your cap starts to smell, put in a clear plastic bag and leave in the freezer overnight (it FKN works).
- To remove stains from your gym accessories, add two tablespoons of vinegar to one cup water and apply directly to the stains. Rub gently, let sit for 30 minutes and rinse.
- To avoid getting any fluff or pilling on your straps, try washing them in a laundry bag.
- To get deodorant stains out of pretty much any material, rub the fabric together. It even works on hats!
- Built from 60% Steel Cut Cotton and 40% Polyester.
- Proudly designed in Australia by bodybuilders.