FKN Gym Wear Resistance Bands | 3 Pack


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The Gains Don't Stop!


These FKN Resistance Bands offer three levels of strength resistance.

Our Resistance Pack Features:

✔ 3 x Booty Resistance Bands

✔ FKN Gym Wear Carry Bag

✔ Booty Blasting Exercise Guide


Great for general fitness, at home workouts, physical therapy and strengthening

Light, medium and heavy resistance level options included. Portable,
lightweight and versatile these bands are a great addition to any fitness regime.


Be Activewear takes no liability for incidental or consequential damages and assumes no responsibility or liability for any damage suffered by any person as a result of the use or misuse of any of the information, content or products from FKN. Always perform safety checks and inspect your bands carefully for any tears, wear or damage before each use. Never use a damaged band. Ensure proper footwear is used when looping bands over the foot. Never stretch any band more than twice its original length. Keep bands out of direct sunlight and store in carry bag when not being used. Be sure to always consult your health care professional or licensed medical practitioner before exercising with these bands or beginning any type of new exercise program.