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FitPro Booty Bands

FitPro Booty Bands| Fitpo | Be Activewear

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LIFT, TONE and BUILD your Booty! whether you work out at the Gym or home –  the Booty Bands allow you to target your booty with fat burning exercises to help you build your perfect peach!  Your Booty Bands are going to be your new best friend!

Why Buy The Booty Bands?

  • Lift, Tone, Build - Enhance almost any exercise by simply adding the bands to your favourite workout!
  • Glute Activation - the Booty Bands are the perfect tool for all your glute activation exercises to get those real booty gains.

  • Workout Anywhere - The bands are so light and compact you can take them anywhere you go and stay fit!
  • Unlimited Workouts - Exercises are limitless with the booty bands, the only limits is your imagination! For workouts and inspiration go check out our YouTube channel!
  • Strengthen Injuries - With the 3 levels of difficulty the booty bands allow you to ease into your exercises and routines to rehabilitate injuries and become strong again!
  • Increase Flexibility - Warming up and down is always important and the bands allow you to do the most effective stretching exercises.
  • 3 Levels Of Difficulty - No matter what level of fitness you're currently at the booty bands have 3 different levels of resistance which can cater for all booty types.

Product Details: 

Light Band: 0.5mm / 50mm / 250mm 
Medium Band: 0.8mm / 50mm / 250mm 
Heavy Band: 1.2mm / 50mm / 250mm 
Carry Bag: Nylon Fabric - 170mm x 110mm
Material: 100% Natural Latex

Care Instructions:

*Please do not leave you Booty Bands in sun or hot places such as your vehicle*


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