Fitcover Booty Bands


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Since you're perfecting your beauty, why not perfect your booty, too?

    The best bits

    Keep on shaping it when you hit the gym with our 3-piece set of Fitcover Booty Bands. Grow them glutes and shape those hips with band-assisted glute bridges, squats, donkey kickbacks, side shuffles and crab walks.

    Don’t forget there’s also a lot of other amazing upper body exercises you can do with these like upper body rows, shoulder presses, chest presses and more! Check out our babe Mikayla Ferrini sharing a banded upper body workout in our SWEAT with Fitcover on Youtube.

    Note: Any exercises that use one long band, try using two booty bands instead (eg. a seated row with one band around the right foot to the right hand and one band around the left foot to the left hand).

    What do I get?

    3-Piece Fitcover Booty Band Set (includes light, medium and heavy resistances)
    Plus: they come in a matching black drawstring bag

          The Fitcover Booty Bands is far and away, one of our most popular items. People can't seem to get enough of it.

          Inventory Last Updated: Dec 07, 2021