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Enjoy the epitome of comfort during your next exercise session when you wear one of these Finesse Crop tees. Each feature is designed to allow ease of movement, while still affording you the luxury of looking stylish. The crew neckline enhances airflow and the short sleeves ensure nothing bothers you during a workout. On a hot day these features along with the cropped length will keep you cool. The fabric increases comfort even more due to the high percentage of cotton used, making it ultra-breathable. The simple tee showcases understated elegance through the binding on the collar and the unique hem that’s both split & stepped. We offer this tee in a range of colours, so you can match it to your personal style or get one for every occasion.

Design Features:

-Crew neckline

-Short sleeves

-Collar binding

-Cropped length

-Split, stepped hem


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