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10° Kabuki Brush + Holder


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What's better than a Kabuki? A Fitcover® Kabuki and matching holder of course!

The 10° sloped Kabuki and holder set is perfect for applying on the go. It fits perfectly in the top of the loose powder mineral foundation container, and doesn't take up much room in your bag!

Over 1.2 million micro-fine soft bristles ensure optimal density for even makeup application, the 100% certified vegan and cruelty-free, premium synthetic bristles are compatible with powders, creams and liquis.

They fit perfectly inside the lid of the Fitcover® Mineralzie Active Foundation jar, when you buy the Full Experience Kit, or just the Jar by itself!

Ensure the skin is clean, hydrated and dry. Tap jar of foundation upside down (with lid on) to loosen the foundation, then turn back over and tap lid again. Using the Kabuki Brush, swirl into powder from the inside of the lid, tap off excess, and apply onto the skin using a circular, buffing motion.

Fitcover® Australia Mineralize Active Foundation is designed by mum and fitness lover Nova Jane, with an incredibly active life, for people with active lifestyles. Developed FOR fitness lovers, BY a fitness lover!